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office tour

Office Tour


Our reception area is the part of our office you will spend the least amount of time in. When you're here, however, we have free wi-fi, complimentary coffee and hot chocolate, and family-friendly entertainment to keep everyone occupied.

We have a self-check-in station so that our staff knows the minute you arrive in our office for your appointment. 

If there is ever an issue with scheduling or financial, you can also find our scheduling coordinators and financial coordinator extremely helpful with any questions you may have.


Game Area

Just off of our reception area, we have a cove for your fun. We keep toys for younger kids, a coloring and reading table, books, and old-style arcade games that don't cost you a cent. This can keep any family members occupied while you're being treated.

We also like to put the spotlight on our patients, and love updating our "Patients in Print" board with your awesome achievements! Let us know if you or your child ends up in the newspaper so we can show everyone how awesome you really are.



Exam Rooms

Each consultation is done in a private exam room, one-on-one with one of our treatment coordinators. This ensures the safety of your health information, and also allows you to ask as many questions as you need in order to feel comfortable with your treatment.

We provide models of all of the appliances, as well as informational sheets so that you're never left out of the loop and have access to all of the information that you could possibly need.



In-House Lab

All of our appliances are made at our in-house lab by our experienced lab technicians. Drs. Shaw and Jane can provide instructions with greater detail, so that our lab can create your appliances and prepare your braces much faster and much more accurately.

This also allows us to provide retainers the day of your "braces off!!!" appointment. That way there won't be any shifting in your teeth after all the hard work they just went through to get into their perfect position.



Treatment Area

Your treatment will take place in our treatment area. We have seating around the chairs so that parents may accompany children to learn more about their treatment and ask questions about progress. We have timed every adjustment down to the second, so each appointment is quick and easy, so we don't waste any of your time.