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suresmile faqs

SureSmile® FAQs

SureSmile Robotic Arm Customizing Braces Archwire

How does robotic wire bending make my treatment more precise?

Instead of your orthodontist bending each wire by hand, SureSmile technology uses robots to bend them precisely to your unique treatment plan. SureSmile provides maximum control of tooth movement, and this efficiency shortens your time in braces.

Braces on Orthodontic 3-D Digital Model of Teeth

How does SureSmile Treatment Planning Software work?

Using SureSmile Treatment Planning Software, your orthodontist can evaluate treatment options, and visualize the desired end result for each tooth. This allows us to design wires that move teeth using the most direct path to the target. The software also allows your orthodontist to evaluate progress digitally during treatment.

SureSmile OraScanner - Digital Orthodontic Scanner

How does the OraScanner work?

The OraScanner is a hand-held camera that takes pictures of your teeth using a flashing white light. The images create a 3D model in real-time during the scanning procedure.

How much does SureSmile cost?

The cost of your treatment is unique, and depends upon the severity of your case. Our treatment coordinators will go over the cost of treatment and our numerous payment plans available.

Is my orthodontist still in control of my treatment?

With SureSmile, we have even greater control of treatment, thanks to 3D technology and the accuracy it brings to treatment planning.

SureSmile Digital Orthodontic Treatment Planning

Is SureSmile treatment really less painful than traditional orthodontic treatment?

The pain that patients experience during orthodontic treatment is a result of changes in pressure caused by adjusting wires. Patients who use SureSmile treatment experience less pain, because fewer wire adjustments and changes are required. But when you do feel a small amount of pressure, that means the braces are working!

Braces Archwire Placement on 3-D Orthodontic Scan of Teeth

Is there a risk of damaging my teeth because they’re moving faster?

SureSmile wires don’t move teeth any faster than conventional wires. The time difference is due to the computerized treatment plan, made possible through 3D imaging. Instead of a continually evolving plan with frequent adjustments, your teeth move along a more direct path to their target positions. Your overall treatment is shorter due to the shorter distance the teeth have to travel. SureSmile wires will still move your teeth at a safe speed.

SureSmile Shape Memory Alloy Archwire for Braces

What are SureSmile Shape Memory Alloy archwires?

Orthodontists have used Shape Memory Alloy in straight wires for the last decade. But until the introduction of our robotic process, they weren’t able to shape the wires into customized prescriptions because of the high temperature required for bending the alloy. When robots bend the heated alloy material into customized prescriptions, the wires deliver precise, constant force to move teeth more directly into target positions.