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When you come to our practice, our number one goal is to make you the focus of your treatment. With our top Livonia Orthodontists and our team, we promise to never treat you as just a number.

We promise to treat you with respect just as we would treat our own family members, and never provide unnecessary treatment. Your time and experience are valuable to us and addressing any concerns you may have is our top priority.

Dr. Randall L. Shaw

I’ve been blessed over the years to be able to watch the transformation in confidence and self-esteem that comes from patients having orthodontic treatment.

Randall Shaw Orthodontist

Dr. Shaw was one of the few students accepted into dental school at the University of Michigan after only three years of undergraduate study.

He knew he wanted to be an orthodontist because it involved science, math, and being hands-on to help people achieve higher self-confidence. After completing his dental degree at the University of Michigan, he moved on to Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, where he graduated with his Master of Science in Orthodontics.

Dr. Shaw then joined the practice of his father, Dr. Alfred Shaw, and Dr. James Ginzler. Today that practice has evolved into The Big Smile Orthodontics.

He was one of the first orthodontists in the state to be certified in SureSmile 3D technology, and one of the only orthodontists fully qualified to use lingual braces. He frequently attends conferences and seminars to further educate himself on new and upcoming technology, and he is one of the original members of the SureSmile Faculty and Clinical Advisory Board.

When he’s not in the office, Dr. Shaw enjoys yoga, skiing, and race-car driving. He has a wife, Hillary, and two daughters, Lindsey and Melanie.

I personally saw Dr. Shaw as an adult to straighten my teeth, and he was fantastic. He still provides maintenance and I have been quite happy with the care I have received. In addition, when my younger son started getting his adult teeth, the top front teeth were growing in behind the lower front teeth and Dr. Shaw was able to expand my son’s palate enough to correct the problem without the necessity of braces. I would recommend him to anyone who has concerns over the aesthetics and health of their teeth.”

— Julia S.

Dr. Nicole M. Jane

The confidence a person exhibits when having a beautiful smile and well-aligned teeth is an amazing thing, and I enjoy creating this with each of my patients.

Nicole Jane Orthodontist

When Dr. Jane was eleven, she underwent orthodontic treatment and her self-confidence soared. She wanted to be able to give that feeling to others and thus decided to be an Orthodontist.

At the University of Iowa, she was president of the pre-dental club while earning her Bachelors in Biology. She attended dental school at the University of Michigan and received a full scholarship from the US Navy. She traveled the world as the only dentist aboard the USS Carter Hall (LSD-50), where she was responsible for the dental health of thousands of sailors and Marines.

Dr. Jane received her Master of Science in Orthodontics and opened a practice in South Lake Tahoe, California, where she stayed for seven years.

Dr. Jane has served on the SureSmile Clinical Advisory Board since 2006 and is considered an expert in SureSmile and Lingual technology. She frequently attends conferences and seminars to further her education.

Dr. Jane enjoys being on the water, as she grew up on a lake as a child, as well as playing tennis, skiing, and traveling.

We were comparing orthodontist stories with the parents of my son’s friend. During the discussion, we learned that Dr. Jane is very good about keeping us informed. We knew from day one what the treatment plan was going to be for our son through a verbal discussion as well as a treatment letter mailed to our house within a couple of days of the appointment. We also had regular checkups, including spacers prior to my son’s expander being installed and our first payment initiated. The parents of my son’s friend indicated they can never get any details from their orthodontist and their orthodontist wants payment before they even see the child. We highly recommend The Big Smile.”

— Tracy T.

Dr. Edward D. Bayleran

During my nine years of practicing general dentistry, it became evident that orthodontics was a natural next step, as it was a specialty devoted to achieving ideal bite, function, and protection.

Edward Bayleran Orthodontist

Dr. Bayleran is truly a Detroit area native. He earned his DDS from the University of Detroit Mercy school of dentistry before earning his commission in the military for two years as a dentist. When he returned, he started a general dentistry practice — a practice which was highly successful for nine years.

He also served as a part-time faculty member at the University of Detroit Mercy Dental School before returning to school himself, where he earned a Master of Science in Orthodontics.

Dr. Bayleran knew he wanted to make the switch from general dentistry to orthodontics because orthodontics allowed him to really focus on giving his patients the ideal function of their teeth. This switch to a specialty practice would protect his patients even more and give them a healthy smile that was easier to take care of.

He has since practiced orthodontics at the same location in Bingham Farms, Michigan for over 30 years. He has distinguished himself in his community through his commitment to excellence in care and continuing education.

With his wife, Ann, he has three children. When not in the office, he enjoys golf, exercise, being an active member of his church, and spending time with his family.

Dr. Bayleran did my braces and his work is amazing. He is very thorough and detail-oriented. He is amazing at listening to the patient’s concerns and desires and works through everything to perfection! His work is an absolute masterpiece.”

— Kari A.

Dr. Mona Derentz

I love practicing orthodontics because I enjoy building relationships with my patients and families while creating healthy and beautiful smiles!

Mona Derentz Orthodontist

Dr. Mona Derentz is the staff member born the farthest from our office, having been raised in Thousand Oaks, California. She grew up playing tennis, boating, and going to the beach.

She knew she wanted to be some type of doctor and found her passion in dentistry, then later orthodontics. Dr. Derentz obtained her Bachelors of Science degree in psychobiology from the University of California, Los Angeles, where she also obtained her Doctorate of Dental Surgery.

After completing dental school, she pursued her passion for creating beautiful smiles by completing a residency program at the University of The Pacific in San Francisco.

During this time she obtained her Masters Degree and completed research investigating how Invisalign truly affects tooth movement. She is highly trained in aligner technology.

Dr. Derentz and her husband live in Troy and enjoy traveling and being with family. She also enjoys playing tennis, taking spin classes, and doing pilates when out of the office.

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