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 SPEED Braces        

What are SPEED Braces?

SPEED Braces are our specialty braces in Livonia. They offer advanced technology with brackets that are about 1/3 smaller than traditional braces (the ones with colorful elastics) and move teeth about 33% faster than traditional braces.

These amazingly small brackets have small titanium doors that hold the wire into place, minimizing discomfort and producing less friction on your teeth and gums. By eliminating elastic ties, which apply heavy pressure, SPEED Braces apply a gradual continuous force with light pressure. This not only moves your teeth quicker but also much more efficiently and comfortably.

If you’re excited to have colorful elastics with your orthodontic experience, we are still able to add color to SPEED braces without compromising the speed of your treatment.

With these brackets and all of the advanced technology we have available in our office, you won’t spend any more time in braces than you have to. You also won’t spend any more time in our office than is necessary. Our braces work together with special wires that straighten your teeth using the natural heat in your mouth. This allows for less frequent visits to our office, helping you spend more time with your family and friends and less time missing school or work.

Why SPEED Braces?

SPEED Braces will be more comfortable when you first get them due to their design. This means fewer irritations to your lips, cheeks, and gums. It also allows your teeth to move more freely!

The goal of having a smaller bracket is to make you feel more confident when smiling with your braces!

Due to their smaller nature, the risk of getting food trapped in your braces is much smaller. It’s easier to brush and floss around your brackets and wires so you can maintain excellent oral hygiene throughout treatment!

speed braces
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