Tips to Love Who You Are

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On Valentine’s Day, love is always in the air. Our office encourages the idea of embracing your confidence, your smile, and who you are. We want you to love your smile, own your confidence, and bring happiness into your life! Loving who you are is a major step in finding happiness, which starts from within.


Embrace Yourself

One of the most important mottos in our office is to embrace who you are within! One of the biggest steps to loving who you are is to embrace your confidence and own it. Own the fact that you are amazing, strong, and powerful.

Find something you excel at to boost your positivity, your confidence, and put you in a good mood. It could be working with kids, painting, singing, helping others, or even just putting a smile on everyone’s face! Getting excited about something, especially your successes, fuels your inner confidence and allows you to take pride in your accomplishments.

Another part of embracing who you are is to laugh at yourself! When you make a mistake (it’s inevitable, we all make mistakes!), laugh at yourself and move forward. Dwelling on failures will prevent success, and everyone has to fail sometimes to have success. Thomas Edison failed over 1000 times before creating a successful light bulb. Believe in yourself to meet your goals, even if it takes a minute. Be patient with yourself. Never accept defeat. We all know you will get there in time! Just think: had Edison given up, where would we be today? Possibly very much in the dark.


Bring Love into Your Day

When you wake up in the morning, before checking social media and everything you may have the fear of missing out on, remind yourself what you love about you. Compliment your outfit or how your hair is styled or how your makeup looks or even your natural beauty. Remind yourself that you are strong because you made it through yesterday, that you are loved by your family, your pets, your friends. Tell yourself how smart, unique, and important you are.

Be loving and kind to everyone you may meet over the course of the day. When you project happiness and kindness you can affect how people respond to you. Just remind yourself that you can’t make everyone else happy, only yourself! Try your best to spread the happiness and the love, but try not to be disappointed if it doesn’t always work for everyone else.




Research has shown that smiling can actually trick your brain. The simple act of smiling can boost your mood, lower your stress levels, and even boost your immune system! Your smile initiates a chemical reaction within your brain, releasing dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine specifically increases your feelings of happiness.

Even if you’re in a bad mood, faking a beautiful smile can help!

The Big Smile Orthodontics doesn’t want your smile holding you back from your dreams. Our office has been in the business of improving smiles and creating happiness since Dr. Alfred L. Shaw opened the doors in 1961. We pride ourselves on turning your dreams into a reality by making you love your smile! Our goal is to inspire happiness and confidence in all of our patients. As soon as you walk in our front door we want you to feel comfortable and at home as we start you on a journey to love, self-confidence, and a beautiful smile!

Call our office today to see how an amazing new smile can enhance your life or schedule an appointment through our easy online scheduler!


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