Top 10 Foods to Eat When Your Braces are Removed

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You’ve waited months for this day. The day you get your braces removed. Months of missing out on some of your favorite foods and candies, cutting food into bits and pieces. But the day is finally here. What should you do to celebrate? Eat, of course! You have so many options open to you now, what do you choose? Here are the top 10 foods to consider biting into on the long-awaited day (even if you cheated and tried to eat them with braces on. recipes when you click the image):

1. Bubblegum
Folks will tell you that gum is safe to chew when you have braces on, especially sugar free gum. But this is a sure way to break a bracket off, which could actually delay your treatment and cause you to have braces longer. The best idea is to avoid chewing gum until your braces come off, then you can blow all the bubbles you want! Personally, I stopped chewing gum after braces because I was so used to not being able to!


2. Meat on the bone
Chicken wings, ribs — all the meats you had to spend time cutting off the bone and into pieces you could eat to avoid breaking a bracket off. They’re now completely safe and free to eat! What was once clean eating is now messy fingers and wet naps!

3. Corn on the cob
Ah, the sweet summer, when you could slather up a corn cob with butter and a little salt and pepper until you got braces. So long, corn cob, hello shaved-off kernels or frozen corn. Yuck. Now you’ve gotten your braces off, and it might not even be summer, but you can look forward to the comfort of chomping corn off the cob. Whether you chomp straight across in a neat row or you tiwrl it to eat around, one column at a time. You’re now reunited with that sweet Michigan corn.


4. Pecan Pie
So you haven’t been able to eat peanuts or pecans or macadamia nuts since getting your braces on. Why not celebrate with a pie? And a pie filled with pecan nuts, at that! If you don’t like pecan pie, you can just settle for a handful of peanuts or some trail mix!

5. Taffy, and other hard or chewy candies
Saltwater taffy, Laffy Taffy, Jolly Ranchers, Skittles, Licorice, Starburst, nutty candy bars, rock candy, brittle… You name it. The world is your oyster, and these wonderful bracket-busting candies are your pearl. Once those wires come out, you’re free to eat whatever it is you want! As long as it doesn’t bust your jaw or chip your teeth, or as long as it doesn’t bother you: you’re golden!


6. Caramel Apples
Two things you couldn’t previously eat: Whole apples, and caramel. It’s fall outside, and caramel apples are the crazy. Go crazy, add some peanuts on. The chewy, crunchy sweetness is all yours to take now that your braces won’t stick into your fruit!

7. Beef Jerky
Rip, pull, tear and bite. You no longer have to worry about breaking off the metal that’s stuck in your mouth. Don’t be afraid to pull that jerky apart.

8. Sub buns, bagels, and cold pizza
You can continue your return to all of the breads you couldn’t previously pull off chewing. Toasted everything bagels with cream cheese, Jimmy Johns bread, and that leftover pizza that’s been in the refrigerator for a few days that’s starting to look a little questionable. Maybe don’t eat that cold pizza, but just order another one! Enjoy the fresh pizza braces-free, and then enjoy the leftovers to relive the experience in a slightly colder environment.


9. Hard Veggies
Carrots and celery. Carrots dipped in veggie dip. Celery filled with peanut butter or cream cheese. Carrots dipped in hummus. Celery with your buffalo wings. Just carrots and celery. Carrots in celery. There are so many combinations. Go wild.

10. Ice Cream Cones
Maybe we’re saving the best for last, here. Ice cream cones are quite possibly the best part of the ice cream! Crunchy and chocolaty and delicious. With the melted remnants of ice cream still hanging around. Bite the bottom of the cone off, eat it slowly, chomp the whole thing in a few bites. It’s all fair game now. Celebrate the end of your braces with some ice cream and a cone.

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