Indirect Bonding

It’s amazing how fast and comfortable it is to get your braces on today with advanced orthodontic technology. The “Old School” method of putting one bracket on at a time means a patient sits in the chair for over 2 hours.

We have streamlined the process of getting your braces on so you’re done in under 45 minutes. Instead of gluing each bracket individually while you wait in our office, we have developed our indirect bonding method: all of the initial steps are done in our lab.

The doctor positions brackets on a model of your teeth. We then seal the brackets into a tray that looks a lot like a retainer. When you come in for your appointment to get your braces on, we put a special adhesive onto your teeth, hold the tray for 15 minutes, and when it’s removed, all your braces are placed at once!

Indirect bonding is a much more accurate procedure because your tongue and cheeks don’t get in the way. The top and bottom braces go on at the same time, and once each bracket is placed all we do is pop in the wire and you’re all finished!

Digital Imaging

We use digital x-rays and imaging in our office because there is less radiation and better quality images than traditional x-rays. Digital x-rays and Images are immediately processed, allowing us to give you your entire treatment plan at your initial complimentary exam. We also get a much deeper and detailed look at the roots of your teeth and other development so we can properly treat things we cannot see on the surface.

Having this detailed information allows us to efficiently move your teeth, helping to speed up treatment. We can also communicate immediately with your dentist about the things we find in our exam, providing you with the most comprehensive care. Digital technology provides data for:

  • Dental implants
  • Roots
  • Wisdom teeth extractions
  • Impacted teeth
  • TMJ treatment
  • Airway assessment and sleep apnea
  • Full facial 3D images

SureSmile Orthodontic Technology

In our practice, state-of-the-art SureSmile technology takes orthodontics to the next level. Rather than relying on models and x-rays alone, we are able to get a 3D computerized image of your teeth so we can plan the exact path of your treatment.

Once we create a customized plan for each individual tooth, we order a robotically-designed wire. This wire moves your teeth with better precision, therefore leading to the exact planned outcome.

This customized plan reduces your total treatment time in braces by up to 29%.*

*SureSmile has been shown to reduce treatment time by an average of 29%, based on a March 2012 comparison of 7,042 patients treated with SureSmile versus 200 conventionally treated patients.

Intraoral Camera

Our intraoral camera makes the photos we need of our mouth fast and comfortable. The scanner piece is no larger than the mirror your dentist uses! You see everything we see, helping you feel more informed and better able to make decisions about your health.

You see in real time how your bite is aligned and how your teeth are shaped and turned. We can complete an entire scan in less than five minutes!

Furthermore, these scans also contribute to our ability to provide more efficient care.

Laser Treatment

We use a diode laser to help our patients to achieve all of their aesthetic desires. With this technology your doctor can remove small areas of gum tissue, exposing more of your tooth.

The best part of laser treatment is that there is typically no need for needles! We apply a topical anesthetic to the gum tissue, so all you feel is the slight movement of the laser tip.

Laser Treatment can be used for:

  • Ideal bracket placement
  • Impacted teeth
  • Re-contouring of the gum line


With the use of propel, this change was accomplished in only three months

One of the questions we are continuously asked is how long treatment will take. Ever since we began our practice in 1961, we constantly seek out the treatments that will make orthodontics faster and more affordable for you. One of the newer options we have integrated into treatment planning is Propel.

Propel is a premium treatment option that the doctor performs. It is micro-osteoperforation treatment that stimulates the bone to allow your teeth to move faster by accelerating the bone’s normal response to tooth movement.

This fast procedure is done with a topical anesthetic and  can be used in combination with all current orthodontic treatments, including Invisalign and metal braces. It is a great option to speed up the treatment in both adults and teenagers, and allows us to treat some Clear Aligner cases in half the time.