Madison P.

Child Overbite

Madison came in for an initial consultation at age 10. Due to her bucked teeth her two front teeth protruded so that she was unable to close her lips. She had no chin. After treatment with a twin block, Madison finished treatment able to perfectly close her lips and with an ideal chin even before braces. Instead of needing extractions and head gear and 3-5 years of braces, her braces took a year and today she has a beautiful smile!

Elizabeth K.

Adult Overbite

Elizabeth came to us as a 23-year-old with “buck teeth” due to a small lower jaw. This caused her to be incapable of closing her lips fully and caused her profile to be misaligned. After treatment her jaws finished in the proper relationship and her teeth were completely aligned in a straight and beautiful smile! This allowed Elizabeth to chew properly and speak without any speech impediments. No more buck teeth!

Ivan D.

Child Crowding

Ivan came in at age 10 with crowding in his upper jaw creating a crossbite on his front tooth. This was causing the lower front tooth to be pushed out of the bone. Crowding can be dangerous, especially for young children, as it prevents them from being able to brush properly. We can expand the jaw with an expander, just as we did in this case, to create room for permanent teeth to erupt. This also corrects the damaging crossbite. We did not have to extract any permanent teeth and Ivan ended up with plenty of space!

Miki P.

Adult Crowding

Miki came in at age 29 for her initial consultation and presented with severe upper and lower crowding. Severe crowding can cause tooth decay when patients are unable to brush and floss properly. Here the correction required extractions to achieve the best possible result, but Miki finished treatment six months early with a beautiful smile and no crowding!

Leah F.

Child crossbite

Leah came in for her exam at age seven with a very narrow upper jaw. Her top molars were biting inside of her lower molars instead of fitting together on top. If untreated, this can cause teeth to wear down and cause TMJ pain or headaches. Using an expander, we were able to correct her upper palate to fix the skeletal asymmetry and allow her molars to fit together properly.

Michelle C.

Adult crossbite

Michelle came in for her initial consultation at age 26 with a severe crossbite and crowding. Crossbites can cause severe headaches and jaw pain in adults and correcting the crossbite was something that made Michelle extremely excited. By combining braces with a surgical correction, after only a year and a half of treatment she ended up with an absolutely beautiful smile and no jaw pain!

Mackenzie I.

Child underbite

Mackenzie came in for her first exam at eight years old with an underbite, where you could not see her upper teeth because they were trapped behind the lowers. This can cause facial abnormality, difficulty chewing, and speech impediments. An untreated underbite can cause jaw pain and headaches in adults. After 8 months with an expander and finishing a month earlier than scheduled, Mackenzie’s underbite was corrected, allowing for proper function and a beautiful smile.

Christopher B.

Adult underbite

Christopher came to our office at the age of 21 with an underbite that was causing a profile abnormality and making it very difficult to eat properly. Untreated underbites can cause jaw clicking, pain, and migraines. By combining his braces with surgical treatment, Christopher finished with his jaws in perfect alignment after treatment and a beautiful smile in only 19 months.

Claire U.

Child open bite

Claire came to our office at the age of eight with an open bite due to thumb sucking at a younger age. Bad oral habits can often cause a skeletal change in how your teeth form. Without correction, an open bite can lead to poor digestion and contribute to speech impediment. After eight months of treatment with an expansion device, Claire’s open bite was corrected and she finished with a beautiful, healthy smile.

Kapri J.

Adult open bite

Kapri came to our office at the age of 29 with an open bite. She had a tongue thrust, which is when the tongue presses against the teeth when swallowing instead of the roof of the mouth. Braces were used to move her teeth into the correct position. After treatment she left our office with a beautiful, straight smile and a completely corrected bite.