Invisible Braces at our Livonia Orthodontic Office

One of the specialties in our office is lingual, or invisible braces. They fit on the backside of your teeth and are completely invisible, allowing you smile more confidently than ever.

Sometimes called “Hidden” or “Inside” braces, they work just like regular braces by applying a gentle and continuous pressure to your teeth, helping them shift into the proper position.

Lingual braces, due to their custom-fit nature, are an amazing cosmetic feature. They do require more cooperation from you in regards to hygiene and adhering to our food guidelines, as treatment is a little bit more involved with this type of bracket. They may also take a little longer to adjust to than our regular metal brackets, especially if a patient has a tongue thrust, which occurs when a patient presses their tongue against the back of their teeth where the braces sit.

Our Livonia Orthodontic office has many professionals currently being treated with lingual technology — including dentists! Invisible braces are also much easier to adapt to for musicians that may play a wind instrument.

Call our office today to schedule a complimentary consultation to see if our invisible braces are right for you!

All of these smiles have lingual braces!